My Son/Daughter Has Been Arrested! What Do I Do?

No parent wants to receive a call or visit from a police officer letting them know that their son or daughter has been arrested. If this should ever happen to you, it is important you have a basic understanding of juvenile crimes and what you should do moving forward.

1. Hire an attorney: Your first priority should be to retain the services of a powerful attorney. While police may tell parents in similar situations that they do not need a lawyer and that they simply want to speak with your child about what happened, the truth is that your child could be facing serious consequences. An attorney with experience in juvenile law may be able to help you secure your child’s release from custody, suggest rehabilitation programs instead of detention, or even advocate for a case dismissal.

2. Your child does not have to talk: Juveniles oftentimes do not have a full understanding of their rights in the event that they should be arrested. While the police may imply otherwise, your child does not have to talk to the police. Just like with adults, anything your child says can and will be used against them in court. Do not take any chances.

3. Stay calm: Do not jump to conclusions or think your child’s situation is any better or worse than it is. Losing your temper with your child or the police will only serve to make things worse. Keep a level head.

4. Understand your rights as a parent may be limited: Under federal law, you do not have a right to be present if and when your child is questioned. While some police departments will allow parents to be present, it is ultimately up to the investigating officer or their superiors.

If your child has been arrested, the powerful Royal Oak criminal defense lawyers at Rasor Law Firm can fight to protect their future and advocate for a reduction or dismissal of their charges. With more than 25+ years of proven legal experience and numerous positive client testimonials, we have what it takes to get the results you need. Contact our office online or call (248) 796-0334 today to get started.

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