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Penalty For Open Alcohol Container In Car

In the state of Michigan, the open alcohol container law states that it is illegal to transport an open alcohol container or other intoxicant in the cabin of a motor vehicle. Designed to deter people from drinking and driving, state law dictates that all open alcohol containers must be stored in a locked glove compartment or trunk of a vehicle where they cannot be easily accessed. Oftentimes, this charge can worsen an already serious DUI situation. A conviction of this type of crime can carry serious consequences, exposing a person to the possibility of jail time and expensive fines. If you have been charged with an infringement of the open alcohol container law while transporting an open alcohol container, it is vital that you contact an aggressive Royal Oak DUI attorney from Rasor Law Firm as soon as possible to protect your interests.

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alcohol bottle on carseat in violation of open container law michigan

Consequences For Violating the Open Container Law Michigan

In alignment with the Michigan Vehicle Code, any bottle, can, jar, cup, or flask with a broken seal that contains alcohol is considered an open alcohol container. Possessing an open container in a vehicle can result in misdemeanor charges and most often goes hand-in-hand with a simultaneous driving under the influence (DUI) charge. See also, Can You Get A DUI on A Bike? A person can face a multitude of serious penalties for an open container conviction.

If Found in Violation of the Open Container Law Michigan

Penalties can include:


Up To 90 Days In Jail


Fines Up To $500


Community Service




License Suspension

A conviction of this type of offense is a serious matter and can have a lasting impact on a person’s employment options and reputation. In many cases, employers have been known to rule out potential job candidates with criminal convictions on their record, making it challenging for offenders to move forward. If you have been charged with transporting an open alcohol container, it is vital you consult with our firm as soon as possible to reduce your likelihood of serving these consequences.

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