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A criminal action of violence, such as assault and battery, is a serious violation and can bring a difficult trial process and heavy consequences. When an act of violence is directed at someone close to the perpetrator, such as a household or family member, and happens repeatedly enough to form a pattern of negative behavior, Michigan State law considers it domestic violence. This is when a domestic violence attorney should be contacted.

People considered to be household or family members include:


Current Or Past Spouse


Children Or Stepchildren


Parents Or Stepparents


Current Or Past Roommates

Due to the personal nature of domestic violence and the proximity the accuser has to the accused, law enforcement agencies generally take the accusations more seriously. In some instances, if the police are sent to a location on a domestic disturbance call, they cannot leave unless they have made an arrest. If you were jailed and charged with domestic violence and you believe an exaggeration, misunderstanding, or false claims are to blame, it is time to defend your rights with a domestic violence lawyer from Rasor Law Firm.

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Consequences Of Domestic Violence Charges

If you are convicted of domestic assault or violence, you can be fined heavily and sent to jail for months or more. Subsequent convictions for similar offenses will escalate the penalties, possibly even up to a felony conviction. Beyond the immediate legal penalties, you could be faced with consequences before even getting convicted, depending on how adamant your accuser is of your alleged wrongdoing.

Restraining order

Your accuser may file for a temporary or permanent restraining order against you at the beginning of your domestic violence case. This can limit where you go, when you go there, and who you can be around, all without any solid evidence against you or a conviction.


Child custody limitations

If the allegations against you involve harming your child, the court may prevent you from seeing them until your trial completes.

Civil action

There is always the opportunity for your accuser to attempt to sue you for civil damages, such as medical bills for the alleged harm you caused or restitution for emotional abuse.

Get Personalized Counsel When The Matter Is Close To Home

A domestic violence attorney from Rasor will take each case personally and act with tenacity and urgency, as if they were defending their own rights. When you have so much on the line – your freedom, your finances, and your relationship with your family – you cannot afford to risk it all by retaining an impersonal lawyer who does not care about the outcome. Pick up the phone and dial (248) 543-9000 to schedule a free initial case evaluation with our team today.

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