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Drug Possession Lawyer

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Drug possession crimes are considered one of the least severe drug crimes in Michigan but still carry harsh penalties upon conviction. If you have been accused of possessing illegal narcotics and substances, you must be ready to defend your rights, reputation, and finances. At Rasor Law Firm, we have been standing up for criminally accused clients since 1994. Come see what our highly-reputable Royal Oak criminal defense attorneys and Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ can do for you by requesting a free case evaluation today.


The penalties associated with a drug possession charge will vary depending on the circumstances of the arrest. In particular, the Schedule of the substance, how much is in question, and whether or not there is evidence of intent to distribute can escalate legal punishments.

Example penalties tied to most drug possession convictions include:

  • Thousands in fines and fees
  • Months in jail, up to 1 year
  • Mandatory drug rehabilitation enrollment
  • Lengthy probation with regular check-ins

The criminal justice system can be admittedly overzealous in prosecuting and penalizing potential defenders. We believe our role at Rasor Law Firm is to keep it fair, balanced, and honest. If a total case dismissal does not seem to be an option, we can work on a defense that seeks to minimize your sentencing.

Two strong defenses that may pertain to your case are:

  1. Unlawful search and seizure: Were you notified of a search warrant when you were arrested? No matter what sort of substance was found on your person, it could potentially be inadmissible as evidence if the police did not follow the proper procedures to obtain it.
  2. Not your possession: Many drug possession cases involve the police finding an illegal drug within a home shared by multiple people. If they cannot prove that you were actually the person in possession of the substance, our drug possession lawyers may be able to punch holes in the prosecution’s arguments.


Whether you were arrested for possessing marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, or any other illegal substance, a drug possession lawyer from Rasor Law Firm can provide comprehensive legal strategies. We are ready to take your matter to court and act on your behalf, giving you access to more than 25 years combined of strong, proven practice. Contact us online or call 248.796.0334 today.


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