Royal Oak Marijuana Attorney

Royal Oak Marijuana Attorney

Out of all the actions Michigan State considers to be a criminal violation, possessing marijuana might be one of the most controversial. According to the legal statute, marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance – on par with heroin, LSD, and others – and is therefore illegal to possess in any amount. Even an amount as slight as half an ounce could be enough to put you in handcuffs.

To protect yourself from the harsh, often one-sided criminal justice system, you need to take action as soon as possible. If you have been arrested or accused of marijuana possession, a Royal Oak marijuana drug crime lawyer from Rasor Law Firm can defend your rights.

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What Is Possession In The Eyes Of The Law?

Marijuana possession charges can stem from actions as straightforward as the violation sounds. If you have any trace amount of marijuana on your person, in your home or business, or inside your vehicle, you could be arrested for possession. You do not even need to be there for the charges to be created. If the police are searching your home while you are away and they find marijuana in your private quarters, it may be enough for them to seek you out and cuff you.

It should also be noted that slight amounts of marijuana in your possession are likely to be the only amount capable of being booked for simple possession. Anything greater than a few ounces could lead police to deduce that you were going to sell or distribute the marijuana to others, which would escalate your crimes to marijuana possession with intent to distribute, an even more serious charge.

Penalties For Simple Marijuana Possession

Michigan State views marijuana possession, even in its simplest forms, as a severe violation of the law. It is often charged as a high-grade misdemeanor, depending on how much and where the substance in question was discovered.

Penalties for marijuana possession in Michigan include:


Up To $2,000 Fine Paid To State


Up To 12 Months In Jail


Probation After Release


Possible Occupational Change

Marijuana Paraphernalia Is Also Illegal

The state of Michigan, as well as many others within the country, is so opposed to the idea of marijuana use that the sale or possession of paraphernalia commonly attributed to the drug’s use or cultivation is also strictly illegal. Before arrest for paraphernalia can take place, law enforcement is supposed to use reasonable effort to provide you with a written cease and desist notice. When you comply with the notice, no arrest or prosecution is to be permitted. Another possible defense would be to argue that the items labeled as marijuana are not actually meant to be used as such.

Adaptive Legal Advocacy For Your Drug Crime Case

When you are staring at a possible conviction for marijuana possession, you need to know that your future wellbeing is on-the-line. Reacting quickly and appropriately may be the best way to ensure you are not at a serious disadvantage in the courtroom. When you retain a Royal Oak marijuana possession defense lawyer from our firm, you will be putting an adaptive and creative legal representative between you and the prosecution. Every time they take a swing at your reputation and rights, we can swing back twice as hard.

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