Marijuana Possession With Intent to Distribute

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Being accused of possessing marijuana illegally is bad enough as it is. Being accused of possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute it to others is even worse. When it feels like the criminal justice system is itching to put you behind bars, contact Rasor Law Firm as soon as possible. Our criminal defense attorneys in Royal Oak are renowned for their aggressive, sharp, and responsive courtroom tactics. When we pick up your case, the prosecution will not know what is coming their way.

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Amounts Of Marijuana In Possession

In order for a possession of marijuana charge to be escalated to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, law enforcement officers need to find an amount deemed large enough to be suspicious. They are often looking for marijuana in amounts that weigh more than a kilogram but a lesser amount that appears to be stored or organized in a professional manner could trigger the charges all the same. There have even been cases of someone being charged for selling the substance based not on the evidence of a sale but instead on the evidence of preparing a sale. 

Penalties that could be incurred for possession with intent to sell or actually selling marijuana include:


$20,000 In Fines


Four Years Of Prison Time


Extended Probation


Loss Of Employment Opportunities

The aforementioned penalties are merely a baseline amount you could be facing. If a significant amount of marijuana was found in your possession, you could be facing even harsher legal punishments. In some cases, you could be incarcerated for up to 15 years and pay more than a million dollars in total fines.

Distribution Of Marijuana Compared To Sale

Many people wrongly believe that it is not illegal to simply give someone marijuana for free and with no intent to ever collect a payment or favor from them. Michigan State law has clearly defined that distributing marijuana – or delivering it to another party without payment – is different from selling it but also a severe criminal violation. You will require an attorney to analyze your case and determine the best way to protect yourself and minimize or reduce your charges.

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