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Even though state voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008, allowing the legal use of marijuana for medicinal treatments, many users of the substance are still facing scrutiny and, in some cases, arrests. When medical marijuana cardholders are complying with the law but have their property seized or are criminally charged, there is a clear violation of your rights at play. If you feel you have been mistreated or wrongfully accused of drug crimes after using medical marijuana, you need a medical marijuana lawyer from Rasor Law Firm on your side.

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When Is Medical Marijuana Considered Legal In Michigan?

One of the biggest issues behind the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and why it is failing to protect innocent people are its changing regulations. Since its establishment, it has already been amended more than three times. If you have been arrested for drug crimes, you might have not realized the medical marijuana laws had been altered.
As of 2015, you must follow several requirements to legally use medical marijuana, including:

Possessing No More Than 2.5 Usable Ounces At One Given Time


Cultivating No More Than 12 Plants


Cultivation Is Only Allowed If You Have No Specified Provider


Proof Of Michigan State Residency


Physician Has Diagnosed You With An Approved Condition


Registration Every Two Years (Includes A $60 Fee)

There have also been introductions of related infractions surrounding the possession and transportation of medical marijuana. Most notably, failing to keep it in an enclosed and locked case while operating a vehicle can result in three months in prison and a $500 fine. To some, the vagueness of this law is seen as an easy way to ticket marijuana users.

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You should not have to live in fear of unjust prosecution when you are a legitimate medical marijuana user. At Rasor Law Firm, our Royal Oak medical marijuana lawyers are adamant when it comes to protecting the rights of our clients and preserving the law as it is intended to be carried out. Let us work closely with you throughout your case and we can help you ensure your freedoms are respected.

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