Expungement Lawyers

Criminal Conviction Eraser

People make mistakes. If yours resulted in a criminal conviction that’s more than five years old, you deserve a fresh start.

Rasor Law Firm expungement lawyers can initiate the process of expunging or sealing your criminal record after a certain period of time. Once the process is complete, your criminal history is, for most purposes, erased.

Benefits of Expungement

The benefits to expungement are significant. Once the process is complete and your record is destroyed or sealed, you can legally state you have no criminal history when looking for a job, house, or professional license.

You will also show no record of conviction or arrest during the background checks that are now prevalent in hiring decisions. Given the ease of access to public information via the Internet, expungement has become even more important.

Don’t allow yesterday’s mistakes to impact your future. Call The Rasor Law Firm today for a confidential evaluation of your case. We will tell you whether your criminal record can be expunged.

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