Michigan Gun Laws

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While it is true that Michigan State respects the Second Amendment, it has imposed its own limitations on what firearms and guns can be owned, carried, or used in a variety of situations. If you violate the terms of any of these legal circumstances as described in the state’s legislations, you could be arrested for and charged with weapons offense crimes.

Penalties for weapons offense convictions can vary but will typically include:


$2,000 Or More In Fines Paid To Michigan State


One Year Or More Spent In Jail


Removal Of The Right To Own A Firearm


Probation After Other Sentencing Completes

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Michigan Gun Laws And Weapon Laws

To be able to maximize your chances of having your charges dismissed or reduced, you will first need to understand of what you are being accused. Michigan’s weapons laws do not only apply to guns, and many apply to unusual, circumstantial situations.

If you are being charged with any of the following crimes, we can defend you:

Open Carry

Michigan Gun laws allow any adult to openly carry a weapon in a safe, nonthreatening way without any permits. Loading or brandishing a weapon can be considered dangerous and a criminal act.

Concealed Carry

Knives and firearms cannot be concealed on your person or your vehicle when in a public place if you do not have a concealed carry permit. Local police departments can provide people with proper documentation to carry a concealed weapon. Each applicant must be 21 years or more of age, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Michigan for at least half a year, and complete a firearm safety training course. Applicants can be denied a permit if they have been convicted of a criminal act within recent years.


Anyone who has imbibed an alcoholic beverage or used a controlled substance may not carry, use, or possess a firearm of any sort, regardless of permits they may or may not have.


Any bladed weapon that can be concealed or revealed with a mechanical function, often called a switchblade, is strictly illegal for anyone to own, sell, or use. An exception has been made for one-armed individuals who require such a blade for lawful reasons in their daily lives.

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