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A murder charge is possibly the most serious criminal accusation that a person can face. If proven guilty, you may be sentenced to spend the rest of your life in prison. Murder cases are prosecuted with the highest level of tenacity, and the prosecution will do all they can to ensure a guilty verdict is reached. An equally aggressive defense is required in order to improve your chances of a desirable outcome.

At Rasor Law Firm, we aren’t afraid to stand up for you against the scrutiny of the legal system. With a vast arsenal of legal knowledge and powerful defense tactics, our Royal Oak criminal defense attorneys are well equipped to handle your murder charge and are prepared to do everything possible to improve your chances of acquittal.

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Difference Between First And Second Degree Murders

A murder charge can be classified under two different types: first degree and second degree. A first degree murder case involves the premeditated killing of another person with “malice aforethought,” or a predetermination to commit an illegal act. This is the most serious type of murder charge, as a conviction in the state of Michigan results in mandatory life imprisonment without parole.

Second degree murder is charged when a killing is committed without premeditation, often times occurring in the heat of passion. An impulsive killing or causing someone’s death from a drunk driving collision can result in a second degree murder charge, as the applicable circumstances are vast and can encompass a variety of situations. Like first degree murder, a second degree murder conviction will result in an extensive prison term, up to a life sentence.

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With stakes so high for murder charges, it is imperative that you retain the services of a powerful legal team. For over 20 years, Rasor Law Firm has provided fierce criminal defense for the citizens of Michigan and has represented a wide range of violent criminal charges. Along the way, we’ve garnered an impressive amount of accolades that pay testament to our respected status.

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If you’re facing murder charges, your top priority should be retaining the legal representation of a Royal Oak violent crime attorney from Rasor Law Firm. We can offer you a hard-hitting defense aimed at reducing your sentence and possibly having your charges dropped. With constant communication and a relentless defense, we’ll stay with you until the very end of your case. Your future could be in jeopardy – make sure your case is in capable hands.

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