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As an employee in the United States, you are legally protected against a wide variety of workplace harassment or abuse from either your employer or your coworkers. Workers are often unaware of their workplace rights, and some employers will take advantage of this by mistreating their staff. Our Royal Oak employment law attorneys at Rasor Law Firm are here to help you understand your rights and provide representation if you believe that they have been violated.

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Our legal team can work to hold your employer accountable for numerous civil rights abuses, such as:


Unlawful Termination




Sexual Harassment


Whistle Blower Retaliation


Pregnancy Discrimination


Handicap Discrimination

Whether you have experienced civil rights violations, harassment, discrimination, verbal abuse in the workplace, or anything in between, we will build a strong case for getting you the damages and justice that you deserve. Your company is responsible for taking care of its employees and making sure that all of them are treated fairly according to the laws and regulations set in place. When employers fail to meet these responsibilities, our job is to work with victims and hold these employers accountable for their wrongdoings and the negative effects that result.

Legal Protection & Assistance Against Employer Retaliation

A sad truth in the workplace is that many workers will hesitate or refuse to report civil abuse violations due to fears that their employer will retaliate against them. However, you have the liberty to appropriately raise your concerns, and are protected under workplace harassment laws when you do. If you are retaliated against through hour reduction, demotion, termination, harassment from coworkers or superiors, or any other number of ways, it is crucial that you hire an aggressive and knowledgeable employment law attorney to represent you.

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