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Child custody hearings are a very important part of the divorce proceedings. During heated divorces, battles over custody can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for the children and families involved. At the Rasor Law Firm, we understand the delicacy and gravity of the situation. Our firm will listen to you and your child custody goals, and work to represent the best interests of both you and their children. Making sure that your child custody arrangements are fair and in the interests of your child's welfare will always be the top priority of our child custody lawyers.

When examining a child custody case, we will take into account numerous factors, including:

  • Amount of time that you spend with the child
  • Amount of time that the other parent spends with the child
  • Activities that you participate in with the child
  • Absence from the child's life due to work, traveling, or personal reasons
  • Presence of poor treatment, such as arguments, shouting, or derisive comments

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Joint vs. Sole Custody

Child custody decisions that are settled in court will be determined based on the preferences, health, history, and ability to adjust for both the child and parent. If the court decides that joint custody is the best option, they are encouraging both parents to work together in the best interests of the child. Both parents will share responsibilities and make important decisions together. This is often the preferable outcome in many cases. If sole custody is granted, one of the parents will be deemed the primary care giver. In this situation, the primary care giver will not raise the child together with the other parent. They will be responsible for taking care of the child and the majority of major decisions involving them.

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