Going Through a Contested Divorce in Michigan?

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At Rasor Law Firm, we know that when you are going through a contested divorce, you do not want to lose anything that should rightfully be yours to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. For more than 20 years, our Royal Oak divorce attorneys have been aggressively fighting for the rights of our clients and doing all we can to ensure that they are not overlooked. The simple truth is this: in a contested divorce, the gloves are going to come off, and you need to work with a firm that is willing to swing for you.

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Your Rights And Property Deserve To Be Protected

As the name implies, a contested divorce involves the dissolution of a marriage where either spouse cannot agree with the conditions of the other. Oftentimes, a greedy spouse can want to take too much of the shared finances. In other cases, a lazy partner might be trying to avoid their responsibilities as a parent. No matter the reasons behind your contested divorce, it is important that you are not afraid to defend what you feel is right.


Issues that lead to contested divorce include:


Child Custody


Child Visitation


Child Support


Alimony Payments

One of the major hot buttons that can cause a divorce to become contested is actual property. You have the right to your possessions, and if your spouse is trying to take something that they do not deserve, it can feel like attempted robbery.


When sorting out your contested divorce, we can help you fight for:


Your Business


Your Finances


Your Home And Property


Fair Division Of Debt

Royal Oak Divorce Attorneys Willing To Challenge Your Spouse’s Claims

The frontline of a contested divorce can be a place filled with heated arguments and struggles for power. You already have enough on your plate without having to deal with those problems, so let the professionals at Rasor Law Firm go to battle for you. Our trial-tested Royal Oak divorce lawyers have delivered excellent legal counsel to hundreds of clients throughout the years, earning some of them a respected seat as Super Lawyer® Rising Stars®. Where other law firms might get gun-shy, our team rises to the challenge and gladly steps into the ring on behalf of our clients.

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