Texting and Driving Accidents

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At Rasor Law Firm, our Royal Oak car accident attorneys have come across far too many personal injury claims stemming from damage caused by a driver who was texting and driving at the same time. It seems that as cellphones become more popular, people allow themselves to become more distracted by them, even as they are operating a heavy piece of fast-moving machinery. This reckless behavior cannot go unchecked, or else many more people may be put into the same amount of danger by the same negligent driver.

If you have been hit by another motorist, we may be able to find out that they were texting at the time of the collision. Doing so would greatly decrease your chances of being pinned with any liability for the texting and driving accident, as well as likely improve the amount of compensation you can receive from them through civil litigation. Call 248.543.9000 today and request an initial consultation to get started towards a more comfortable future.

The Real Dangers Of Texting & Driving

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and many other safety organizations agree that there are three distinct forms of distraction that can affect a driver. Each one poses its unique set of hazards to themselves and other drivers on the road. The true danger of texting and driving lies in the fact that it represents all three forms of distraction in one simple activity.


Visual: Eyes are removed from the road ahead and lanes adjacent.


Mental: Mind is taken off the task of driving, as if daydreaming.


Manual: Hands are not on the steering wheel, clutch, or gear shift when necessary.

There is virtually no preparation required to pick up a cellphone and start sending a text message. The convenience tricks drivers into thinking it is fast, easy, and poses no danger. They do not realize that in the three to five seconds they look away from the road – an average estimated by the CDC’s studies – they may have traveled hundreds of feet or more, depending on their speed. As any experienced driver knows, there is no telling what can happen in less than a mile of road.

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Negligent drivers need to be addressed, and taking them to court for their harmful behaviors might be the only way to get the point across to many of them. You need to yourself and everyone else on the streets of Michigan a favor and start working on your personal injury claim against the person who hurt you. With the guidance, support, and advocacy of our Royal Oak texting and driving accident lawyers, you may be able to secure compensation that helps pay for medical bills, vehicle repair, lost wages, and more. All you need to do is contact us today, and we can start handling the rest.

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