Excerpt: Rasor Law wins a $3.29 million verdict for victim of substandard emergency room care in Wayne County

Rasor Law wins a $3.29 million verdict for victim of substandard emergency room care in Wayne County Circuit Court.

When our Client was discharged with a diagnosis of migraine from a local level one trauma center, she didn’t know that the failure to perform a simple test during that visit was going to doom her to a life of diminished vision. But that’s exactly what happened.

A first-year resident said she tried to do the simple 30 second test, a Fundoscopic Evaluation, which involves looking into a patient’s eyes with an instrument. You’ve had it done every time you have a physical. But it was never done, and our client was sent home. All the experts in the trial agreed that this simple test would have disclosed an inflamed optic disk, and then a lumbar puncture would have been performed and found IIH, or increased intercranial hypertension. IIH is more and more common, primarily affecting women of child-bearing years, people that are a little to a lot overweight, and those of African descent. Visual changes and headache can lead to profound vision loss if untreated. Within two days of her discharge our client had irreversible and profound visual loss. The Defendant didn’t want to pay a dime, but the lawyers at Rasor Law, joined by Michael Ratton, forced them to explain themselves before a Jury. That Jury didn’t hesitate to compensate our client for her wage loss, and for her loss of enjoyment of life after a hard-fought two-week battle.

The lesson is clear. Don’t accept a rush diagnosis at an ER. Ask for a supervisor if you think there’s more going on. And if you think you’ve been the victim of a medical mistake, call us!

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Blog post prepared by Jim Rasor, Attorney at Rasor Law Firm, PLLC