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Racism sadly still exists and harassment and racial discrimination in the workplace continues to be a common problem in America. Even though this behavior is illegal, both coworkers and employers often perpetrate actions that create an uncomfortable environment for certain racial groups. At the Rasor Law Firm, our Royal Oak employment law attorneys take this issue very seriously and believe that racial harassment should never be tolerated. You deserve to feel safe and secure while performing your job. Our team of racial discrimination lawyers have handled a wide range of racial discrimination cases, and we are dedicated to helping you seek justice

Racial Harassment Can Include:


Racist Jokes And Stories


Racially Motivated Comments


Inappropriate Gestures


Offensive Memos Or Emails

Unlike general harassment, such as yelling, foul language, or an unreasonable amount of work, racial harassment that is severe enough to alter your employment conditions or create a hostile work environment is considered illegal. Additionally, racially motivated harassment that is communicated in a demeaning or disrespectful tone will create a stronger case, should you decide to take legal action.

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If you have experienced racial harassment in the workplace, it is important that you tell the offending party to stop and file a formal, written complaint through your human resources department. This will prove that you did your part to put an end to the behavior and made it clear that the actions were unwelcome. In addition to this, collecting evidence such as pictures, items, policies, emails, and memos will help you build the strongest possible case against the offending party.

If your case needs to be taken to court, we are seasoned litigators who know how to present a case in front of a judge. Our attorneys are professional, aggressive, and responsive to our clients’ needs. We offer cutting-edge representation that is always high-quality and attentive, no matter how complicated your employment case.

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