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After a divorce is finalized in Michigan, the general idea is that no one should experience a significantly lowered standard of living compared to what they enjoyed while they were married. Not only do spouses have this right to be comfortable but so do any children they shared. In order to maintain an acceptable standard of living for children, child support payments may be necessary to establish as part of the divorce process.

Specific expenditures of child support can be used for include:


School Supplies




Sports Equipment


Gear For Extracurricular Activities

Child support is not solely for items that the child requires specifically. In many ways, it can act as a secondary form of spousal support because it can provide for more basic necessities and more obscure purchases, so long as the child’s overall wellbeing benefits from it.

Child support payments can also be used to pay for:


Utility Bills


Rental Payments


Car Repairs Or Maintenance


Food And Consumables

If you have questions about child support agreements, or if you are in the process of creating one and need legal help, you can contact one of our child support lawyers at Rasor Law Firm. Our Royal Oak family law attorneys would be happy to guide you through this complicated process. We can even represent you in court if matters escalate and cannot be settled in a conference room.

How Is Child Support Determined?

When you are going through your divorce, you can actually attempt to work with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to figure out how much child support will be necessary to keep your children safe and sound. This may be possible if your divorce is uncontested and the two of you can settle disputes amicably. You will still want to hire a child support lawyer to act as a mediator and to ensure your child support agreement makes legal sense when it is brought to the court for validation.

If your divorce is contested or the two of you just cannot see eye-to-eye on this one matter, it is likely that the law will settle your child support plan for you. In most cases, child support will only be granted if the spouse who makes less income than the other is also the spouse who was granted primary or full child custody. The amount given will vary depending on the needs of the child and the expected standard of living after divorce.

Retain Top-Rated Legal Representation For Your Case

Child support can wind up feeling like a heated contest when you and your spouse cannot agree on an amount. No one wants to give too much money to an ex and certainly no one wants to receive too little. To balance the scales and ensure that your rights and needs are respected throughout your case, retain the services of our Royal Oak child support attorneys today.

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